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Our solutions

We have experience in creating solutions for manufacturing companies and financial institutions. Below are some interesting solutions implemented for our customers.


Palletizing system

The solution enables communication between the ERP system (Axapta 3.0 / AX 2012) and the controller of industrial robots and label applicator. The communication protocol allows the exchange information between ERP and hardware. This allows you to automate the process of acceptance of goods from production. After determining the parameters: production line and order number, the system operates unattended:

  • Robots receive information about how to place the goods (the orientation of cartons, inserts and foiling)
  • As the ERP system registers information about a logistic unit (pallet) with quantity counted by robots
  • Control information is sent to label applicator to fore label printing and application

Electronic data interchange EDI

Solutions EDI (Electronical Document Interchange) allow the automatic exchange of information between trading partners. Frequently sent messages are order and invoice. Most advantage is obtained by integrating EDI systems services with ERP systems. The most important advantages:

  • Reduced time to complete life cycle of the order and invoice verification
  • Reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry, as well as by the possibility of implementing additional automated data verification procedures
  • Save time and money by processes automating

The mobile application for sales representatives

The solution supports the work of sales representatives in the field. This allows central planning and reporting data collected by reps in the ERP system (eg. Axapta 3.0 / AX 2012). The solution consists of two basic components: a module in the ERP system and the application running on mobile devices with Android or Windows Mobile. Actions are planned in ERP module and these data are then sent to mobile devices (cell phones). When actions are done representatives send data and images to the ERP. With dedicated analytical tools (OLAP) data are analyzed centrally.


Mobile computers in warehouses

Mobile computers equipped with barcode scanners allow optimize of warehouses processes. With the right algorithms implemented in the WMS (ERP) system can eliminate errors and speed up all warehouse processes. Our solution allows to automate the process of reception, issues and counting of goods. The application runs on Motorola computers with Windows.


Additions to AX (Axapta)

We made a number of additions to the Dynamics AX (versions 3.0 / 2012) to extend the standard functionality or completely new modules:

  • Calculation of production costs of products and intermediates. The mechanism allows you to perform several kinds of calculation (estimated price, average purchase prices, minimum prices) and expands the reporting of results.
  • Lab. It allows you to record laboratory tests in all processes, where such registration is required (production, acceptance of deliveries). Tests and measurements recorded in protocols are compared with normative values, deviations are calculated.
  • Cooperation Dynamics AX SCADA systems. The addition allows you to automate the dispensing of raw materials based on picking lists. It also automatic creates good reception based on indications of flowmeters.